Married Date: 12/11/2020

This review is longgg overdue but it’s also really hard for me to put together words for how amazing Khadejah is. I met khadejah back in 2019!! I had meetings with multiple wedding planners and was so indecisive of who I wanted. I don’t remember how I stumbled on Khadejah’s instagram but I am so glad I did. I knew from our first meeting that I wanted to hire her as my wedding planner. I realized that a lot of the other wedding planners I was looking into were a lot older and our thinking did not match up or it felt like I was working with someone I had to call “Aunty” and I totally didn’t like that. Talking to Khadejah was like I was talking to a friend about my dream wedding. She understood my visions and everything I anticipated to incorporate for my wedding day and gave me great input that matched my taste. So I hired her for my December 2020 wedding. We hit a lottttt of obstacles during my wedding planning process because of COVID. First we had to make a decision on whether or not we should even have the wedding with the limitations that were placed. After we decided to go for it, 3 days before my wedding day my in-laws caught COVID and we had to cancel all of our plans. I called Khadejah the moment the news came and she handled everything so I wouldn’t have to worry. She was so easy to work with during those times and super understanding as well. Not only was she a wedding planner to me, she became someone I was 100% comfortable going to with any wedding stress. I remember the amount of times I called her crying or panicking and she was always there (even knocking sense into my husband if he was being difficult lol). My plans were on hold from the time we cancelled but she would always check in to see how everything was going. I finally decided to reschedule for May 20, 2022 and she promised me that she would make sure my wedding events are perfect and everything I imagined it to be and I had no doubts in her at all. I also was lucky to meet Kulsum and there couldn’t be a better duo than them. As we all know, Asian weddings are complicated from the amount of days, to the difficult guests, to the little details us brides want perfected. But khadejah really pulled through for me and she tolerated my micromanaging too lol. One thing I learned was that no matter how beautiful the Venue is, management is not always so great. My wedding ceremony was at The Glen Cove Mansion and we knew from the meetings we had with banquet managers that not everyone was on the same page or things seemed a little off.. but again I loved the venue and Khadejah reassured me that she would make sure everything works out. Day of the ceremony we definitely hit many bumps with the venue but Khadejah and Kulsum handled it all without me having to worry day of and I was able to focus on myself. If they weren’t there, I can’t imagine the chaos I would have had to dealt with. I will also say that working with my family isn’t easy lol. Yet she was always incredibly tolerable, easy to work with, and she always maintained a professional, friendly, and calming composure. Everyone had so many opinions and comments and whatnot but what mattered was that Khadejah and I were ALWAYS on the same page. Without her and Kulsum I would have lost my sanity and I probably would not have enjoyed my wedding. It really was an incredible and long journey and I will always be super grateful for Khadejah ❤️