Kinza K.

Married Date: 07/04/2019

From the day we got engaged we knew Khadejah was the one we wanted to plan our wedding. Prior to us, she planned multiple of our friends weddings and we knew we were in good hands. Khadejah planned all of our events from the rehearsal dinner, mendhi night, wedding day, reception, and post wedding-brunch. She handled all the vendors like hair/makeup artist, henna artist and decor vendors- these are just a few of the many. We started to plan our wedding 6 months before and each day she took the stress off of us. We were able to discuss our ideas with Khadejah and she is the type of person who made those ideas even better. For example, for our reception decor, she told us we needed to do something above and beyond from what we were initially thinking. The color scheme she picked was very different from usual Pakistani weddings that we were hesitant. Khadejah was able to show us a vision that convinced my whole family!
Our wedding day was suppose to happen in Canada, but due to certain circumstances it got moved to New York. Within 2 weeks, without any hesitation Khadejah took over the planning. This is just a little bit of what Khadejah can do, and we cannot stress how grateful we are for Khadejah. Everyone needs a Khadejah to plan their wedding! She is the most organized, professional and hardworking individual who seriously has a passion for her work. Her coordination skills were remarkable. Her amiable character makes everyone fall in love with her and be comfortable with her. She took out the time to develop a relationship with the family members not just the bride and the groom. What we loved the most that Khadejah did for us are the incredible vendors she was able to get for us like the espresso bar, crêpe cart, jalebi station, gulab- jaman station, chocolate vendor, bhangra team, and much more. Khadejah has an eye for detail like how she made customized gift bags for our guests staying at the hotel, placing the flowers on our cake herself and how she expressed the importance of a dance floor wrap because it would tie in the whole look for the reception day. She was very hands on all five events making sure everything was on schedule and being able to handle all of our 500 guests without a problem. Like we said earlier, everyone needs a Khadejah to plan their wedding! If you are searching the market for a planner, Khadejah is the one!!